Here’s the loudspeaker that sounds best even near to a wall

Now, we found SA saxo 60.

It may be the new top type of the saxo household plus it brings good reports in a variety of ways.

The sound gets the well-recognized musical nerve you may already know from other saxo people already.

But there is far more.

We discovered from the activities with the legend family members and we’ve developed new woofers for SA saxo 60.

It implies that SA saxo 60 could be the saxo loudspeaker with the biggest audio, the deepest bass & most life-like noise, ever.

Read about SA saxo 60 here

Designed to be put near a wall

Many speakers tone horrible when standing up to a wall close. The bass is manufactured by the placement sound boomy and dull.

Voices are really unclear and the audio doesn’t seem life-like.

This happens if the speaker is not built to work underneath the special acoustic conditions that apply close a wall.

In the design means of SA saxo 60, the influence offers been taken by us of the wall under consideration when making the acoustics of the speaker.

It ensures that the audio is in complete equilibrium when the loudspeaker is placed near to a wall.

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