Finally: Top-class sound is now cheaper (and wireless!)

Enjoy music in the most effective audio quality, with out your family room invaded by tools and cables and without spending a king’s ransom.

Until now, you possess only had one method to enjoy music inside of the best audio good quality at home: Buy a costly stereo system with exotic gear, custom-built cables and exclusive loudspeakers.

Now, you will find a new method to great music experience. It’s simple, simple to live with … not forgetting: cheaper when compared to a High End stereo system.

Digital, wireless audio speakers from System Audio

SA legend silverback is a category of digital, wireless loudspeakers and the technological breakthrough.

Now you will need a smartphone just, a set of wireless audio speakers and a little digital control system to experience your chosen music in amazing HD quality.

You don’t need whatever else to find the top-class audio encounters.

You no further need an amplifier, various music speaker or sources cables.

Two speakers and a tiny digital control device is all you have to.

A solution with SA legend silverback is significantly cheaper when compared to a High End stereo system and you even cut back to 80% power.

SA legend 40 silverback has been awarded Product of the season in Norway, Of the entire year in Germany and possesses gained the respected Diapason d’Or in France wireless Speaker.

SA legend 5 silverback has received the prestigious EISA Award for Perfect Wireless Speaker.

Everyone in they could be used by your family

Any person in the grouped family may operate a stereo system with SA legend silverback. You merely need your capsule or smartphone to have fun with music, radio or what you may like. It’s all that’s necessary. You don’t should find out to operate a brand new user interface.

Stream your audio with Chromecast from your own Android or with Airplay from your own Apple. Both technologies happen to be incorporated into your smartphone and supply better sound high quality than CD.

You can stream using Bluetooth or perhaps Spotify Connect also, which are both user friendly.

All of the technologies are designed into this technique already.

Several connectivity options

Even although the world’s entertainment has moved to the net, we are still plenty of music lovers who like our vinyl records and CDs or enjoy high definition music from the computer or our personal server. Every one of these formats require audio that’s transmitted via a cable.

Here, Stereo Hub may be the digital control unit that acts since the meeting point for many devices that make use of a cable.

As a result, you may not abandon traditional audio formats when upgrading to wireless and digital speakers.

You have more out of these than before ever.

Stereo Hub receives audio from your own TV also, so you can take pleasure in the excellent sound of the speakers when viewing television or streaming movies.

You can use all of this:

  • Your Apple Product (Wirelessly via Airplay)
  • Your Android product (wirelessly via Chromecast)
  • Your turntable (via external turntable amplifier)
  • Your CD ( analog or coax
  • Your computer or server (USB Audio)
  • Your TV (HDMI ARC or optical input)
  • Bluetooth
  • Spotify Connect
A family area without speaker HiFi and cables equipment, but packed with great music experiences

Music is very important. Equipment is not

Stereo Hub won’t have to be in an obvious place. It is possible to hide it if you like away.

The remote control works together radio frequencies and also you don’t have to point with it to manage the sound.

You can stay around 20 meters far from Stereo Hub (and in an entirely different room) whilst still being adjust the amount, etc.

Stereo Hub connects to your network utilising the Google Home app initially it really is connected by you.

In in this way, your SA legend silverback becomes a built-in element of your smart home, where you for examples control the light, ventilation, entertainment systems etc. in most your rooms.

With Google Assist, it is possible to operate the system along with your voice.

All SA legend silverback speakers are going to be part of an invisible 7.1 home theatre with uncompressed 24/96 HI-DEF audio quality if you’d like.

All of those options permit you to experience music and movies how you want sufficient reason for amazing sound quality.

If you have an analog stereo system but want to upgrade to Silverback technology sometime later on, you should buy the speakers in the passive version called SA legend.

They are built to work in your analog stereo system and will be upgraded to Silverback later.

SA could be the only brand which allows this transition from traditional to new technology.

A little in regards to the background of SA legend silverback

Today, we are able to stream music from our smartphones in an increased quality than we’ve ever experienced through any physical media.

Hundreds of countless songs can be obtained through streaming services and lots of of these deliver the music in an increased quality than both CD and vinyl.

The internet and our wifi can fully transport all of the data required for the entire music to reach to its full extent in the home in our areas.

We only needed a technological upgrade of the standard analog equipment, cables and speakers to have the full connection with the music.

SA legend silverback is that upgrade.

of the season in Germany

Wireless speaker. I get the visible evidence of our accomplishment


The biggest technological breakthrough in audio in 40 years

Great audio experiences have previously been for many who were prepared to pay lots of money for a higher End stereo system.

The mixture of equipment in a top End system require (with the exception of money) lots of knowledge and want to test ex. different cables to ascertain their influence on the sound.

Hifi afficiados have always known why these experiments would only cause a good compromise, since the perfect cable doesn’t exist. Locating a compromise may be the whole idea (and the big limitation) in terms of analog technology.

Digital technology is more uncompromising.

    • With WiSA technology we could transmit the music signal and digitally in HD quality wirelessly, without losing musical information and completely without changing the seem like cables within an analog music system
    • The speakers’ digital crossover work without loss with great reliability that’s not for sale in traditional passive crossovers
    • SA legend silverback speakers have as much as 4 built-in amplifiers in each speaker with an overall total power all the way to 560 Watt
    • Each amplifier is tailored to power each particular speaker element
    • With Digital Signal Processing, we extend the speaker’s frequency range such that it reproduces a larger array of notes when compared to a passive speaker is capable of
    • The control of digital technology ensure we hear most of the instruments of the music, whenever we play at low volume


Digitalization such as for instance SA legend silverback could be the biggest upgrade in audio quality in 40 years.

No other technology has had this kind of big improvement in noise quality, price and usability.

People who take pleasure in great sound have now been waiting for this second since we started documenting music digitally inside the 80s.

you can experience everything with your own personal ears


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